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Celebrating 50 Years: The Bast Vow Renewal

Posted by Maggie Ferrara on Dec 28, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Anza Bast glowed as she walked down the aisle at the 1800s Replica Historic Church at Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek to her husband of 50 years, Mike Bast, at the altar to renew their vows and say “I DO” for the second time. While standing at the altar, Mike confessed,

“Like all grooms, I was looking at the most challenging part of my life beginning and it's a bit humbling. But you also think, I can take on the world with this woman at my side living life together and building a family.”

Bast Vow Renewal PV 1.jpg

The couple met on Anza’s first night in New Orleans through a mutual friend at Tulane University. When Mike saw Anza for the first time, he thought, “This is the girl for me!” They got married on 11/15/1967 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Montegut, Louisiana. They held a small reception at the gymnasium at the community center.

Over the past 50 years, they had some advice for couples getting married. When asked what made a successful, joyful, and loving marriage, Anza confirmed that you have to learn to pick your battles and to never go to bed angry.  She said that it is important to establish honesty and trust with your significant other. She also recommends to always support each other’s goals, dreams, and passions and to get involved in the community. Mike added that a marriage is never 50-50. It is always 100%

Some of Anza’s fondest memories of their 50 years together include raising their wonderful family, enjoying family vacations together, and being involved in many organizations with her family including the PTA, Boy Scouts, their Church, Kiwanis, Trail Rides, and the Osceola County Historical Society. Mike added that his memories are like a patchwork quilt of the past 50 years. Each one is unique and delightful and comes together to build a beautiful piece of work. 

Their vow renewal ceremony at the 1800s Replica Historic Church at Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek was filled with almost fifty of their friends and family. Anza wore a beautiful yellow dress and Mike wore a tux with a dapper gold bow tie. Anza carried a small bouquet of yellow and white flowers and the church was decorated with autumn themed sprays. Rev. Wayne Cook, minister of First United Methodist Church in Kissimmee, and a friend for over thirty years performed the vow renewal ceremony where they re-committed for better or for worse for the remainder of their days. Anza was, “Thrilled that we [Mike & Anza] had made it that far and that we had so many friends & family to come share the day with us.” Mike thought, “Where did the 50 years go? And proud to have such good friends and family here to celebrate with us on the occasion.”

 Guests of the 50th Wedding Anniversary and Vow Renewal Ceremony attended a reception in the Buster Kenton Room at the Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum. They enjoyed a catered luncheon, wedding cake and congratulated the happy couple with a champagne toast. The room was decorated with yellow and lace table cloths and sunflower centerpieces. The cake was elegantly created with yellow ribbons, light yellow roses, and pearls. The guests expressed their joy and sentiments for the happy couple.

Bast Reception WC.jpg Bast Reception WC 1.jpg

We wish our first couple to host a 50th Wedding Anniversary and Vow Renewal Ceremony at the 1800s Replica Historic Church at Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek, Mike and Anza Bast, congratulations on their 50th Wedding Anniversary and all the best for the next 50 years!

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