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Farewell Kate, a goodbye to our favorite volunteer-turned-team-member of the OCHS!

Posted by Kate Brown on Sep 17, 2014 5:38:00 PM

We’ve talked a lot lately about becoming a volunteer for the OCHS, heck, we’re even hosting an event on Friday that will help you learn what your niche in volunteering with us could be if you are interested in doing so. We thought it might be fun to not only pay honor to one of our favorite team members (that is now leaving us for retirement! Lucky her!), but show you how her job started at the OCHS thanks to volunteering.


Kate Doyle Brown has been involved in the Historical Society since 2007 when she was asked by Donnita, who had recently been hired as the new Executive Director, to come on as a part time employee after working well together in organizing the office. She gave a simple, “Sure!” and the rest was history (pun intended!). Kate says, “It’s unbelievable that time has flown by so fast and that I am now retiring. It is with bitter sweetness that I leave here because I will always have nothing but good thoughts for the OCHS and all it has accomplished during my years of service.” And with that, we give you some of Kate’s favorite memories of the Historical Society…

One of my favorite moments at the OCHS was the first Dine with the Departed event. We had a lot of negativity surrounding the event, such as local citizens who thought that we would be disrespecting the deceased. Quite to the contrary, we were honoring them, by telling their story to those in attendance. How delighted we were to see folks lined up to get in, even before the doors opened. We have since put on this fundraiser three more times, making it one of the biggest successes of the OCHS to date. 

farewell kate ochs

Another favorite moment of mine is when the Welcome Center was being built. I never came over to have a look. Cars and trucks were here for months and I never drove in.  The day that I first walked through the door, I cried. To see such a beautiful building with fantastic exhibits, showing off our artifacts was beyond belief to me. Osceola County truly stepped up to the plate when they gave residents and visitors alike such a wonderful place to come and see so that they could learn about the county and it’s rich history.

Finally, the reality of moving the village from its original location at Bass Road to Babb Landing is something I’m amazed by. It’s hard to imagine that I would see such a thing come to fruition, but indeed it has happened. When it is finished, I hope that everyone who comes will appreciate what an extraordinary attraction the new Pioneer Village is and how much the community can benefit from it. 

So, if I could leave with one thing, I’m just going to say, “OCHS, I’m gonna keep my eye on you!” because you are going places.

We’d like to thank Kate for all of her hard work and dedication to the Osceola County Historical Society and leave her with one thing, “Enjoy retirement but visit often! We’ll have plenty to fill you in on when you come!”

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