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Kissimmee Train Wreck of 1911

Posted by Anza Bast on Jan 30, 2017 9:30:00 AM

The December 1, 1911 “Kissimmee Valley Gazette” reported “One of the most frightful wrecks of a passenger train ever known in this section occurred last night just as train No. 85 of the Atlantic Coast Line was entering the city limits, although no one was seriously injured except Mr. L.C. Royal, the baggage master, who was badly crushed from falling trunks.”1911 train wreck, Kissimmee _1, MDB  & OCHS.jpg

 The article states the wreck was caused by a broken rail. The train was late and running at high speed to make up lost time so even if the engineer had seen the break, it would have been impossible to stop the train. The engine passed safely over the break but the baggage car and every car after it left the track, several turning over on their sides.

1911 train wreck, Kissimmee _2, MDB  & OCHS.jpg

Passengers were thrown about in the cars but sustained only a few bruises. A later report on Mr. Royal stated he was just badly shaken up and bruised, not gravely injured as previously reported.rc09161, 1911 train wreck,  Kissimmee, FLM & OCHS.jpg

 Source: “Kissimmee Valley Gazette”, December 1, 1911

Photo Courtesy: Osceola County Historical Society Collection


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