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Meet Kristi Prescott: Visitor Service Director

Posted by Kristi Prescott on Dec 31, 2014 10:21:00 AM

I grew up in Osceola County, Kissimmee to be exact. I went to Osceola High School (GO KOWBOYS) then was homeschooled. I have my little pride and joy (she’s quite the firecracker), Aubrey, who is about to turn six. Who knows? She might take my position from me one day! She is my biggest fan and the best little model for my photography hobby.


I take every chance I can get to go fishing, and if you add in the airboat, I am one happy girl! I started fishing at a young age with my dad on west Lake Toho, and it has stuck with me ever since. I have always loved being outdoors, add the woods or even water and I’m there!




 I have been in the hospitality industry since the age of 16. I worked for a local airboat company for 3 years and eventually came to the Osceola County Historical Society in 2013. I worked with Terry Torrens at the airboat company, and when I came on board with the historical society, she was the development director and she introduced me to the organization. I started off as a part-time attendant, and after 3 months in the position I was promoted to visitor service director. My position includes a little bit of everything between facility rentals, maintenance for all three locations, volunteer coordination - basically it was a challenge I was ready to take on with full force!

I would have to say my favorite part about working with the OCHS would be meeting people from all over the world. We have a wide variety of visitors from places like England, South America, etc. One perk to my position is I get to work at the front desk a couple days a week so I get to meet all the different people coming in and out, and every once in a while I give tours of the Pioneer Village. And of course, my amazing coworkers!!

My favorite event would definitely have to be Pioneer Day. I have had the pleasure of doing two now, and I think the best part is getting everything ready months in advance and then when the actual event happens you get to sit back for a moment and say, “Wow, this is awesome!” The hard work pays off, and to actually be able to enjoy it and see all the people who are attending the event with smiles on their faces is really rewarding.

I have numerous goals for the year, but the most important to me is recruiting more OCHS volunteers. You can never have too many volunteers! I have some volunteers who help out once a month, but then I have others who volunteer on a weekly basis. Volunteers are a huge part of our organization, they are one of the key factors. They help with tours at the Pioneer Village, special events, and field trips to name just a few. My goal is to have at least 1 volunteer at each location every day. So if you’re interested in volunteering at the Osceola County Historical Society, make sure to contact me!


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