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Riding for a Cause: The Beginnings of the Silver Spurs Rodeo

Posted by Kari Whaley on Jun 1, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Cecil Whaley, Sr. was a lifelong resident of Osceola County and proud founding member of the Silver Spurs Riding Club.  Cecil, along with other Osceola County residents, came together with a shared love of riding to form the Club in 1941. 


Best known for their quadrille exhibitions, Cecil and his wife Carrie, participated as square dancers on horses as the Silver Spurs Riding Club rose in popularity.  The early 1940s led club members as far as Moultrie, Georgia and to the Orange Bowl Parade in Miami, Florida to perform.  With a passion for their own community, the members of the Silver Spurs Riding Club also entertained audiences to raise money and awareness for the American Red Cross, the Army-Navy Relief Show, and children with disabilities. 


When the United States was in need, the Silver Spurs Riding Club rode into action.  During 1944, the members organized a rodeo to benefit the Fourth War Loan.  As part of the effort to contribute necessary funds during World War II, the purchase of a war bond gained on-lookers admission to the rodeo. 


Cecil continued to propel the non-profit when he became one of the organization’s first “Big Bosses” in 1945.  He was also honored as one of the Silver Spurs “Coca Cola Cowboys,” a distinction given to longtime members and contributors to the Club and community.  Cecil left a legacy of community service through his involvement with the Silver Spurs Riding Club; his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren still participate as members. 


The Silver Spurs has continued to contribute to causes including Habitat for Humanity, Harmony High School FFA, and Heavenly Hooves, an organization working to identify ways horses can be used therapeutically to treat Veterans with PTSD.


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