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Posted by Krystal Baize on Jan 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

 Janet Schick Headshot-1.jpgJanet Schick started “Social Enterprisers” in 2015, working on projects for small businesses and local organizations.  Janet’s passion is helping small business owners and members of local organizations realize the benefits of personal marketing outreach including, making telephone calls and other marketing elements. The mission of Social Enterprisers closely reflects Janet’s passion, to educate and inform people on how to best communicate market messages to promote business products and services.

 Janet’s long-term outlook to achieve her mission includes these daily tasks; making telephone calls, using email or direct mail to help set appointments, and helping potential clients with the ‘buying process’. She stresses that making telephone calls adds a personal touch to the sales and marketing process, and the value and outcome is great in so many ways. While this approach can come with its challenges, they are far outweighed by the benefits of personal connections and a prospective new sale. Janet uses the client’s point of view to gain feedback and insight on her processes.

 With a combination of her passion and drive to help local businesses and organizations, Janet is looking to hold workshops where she can share her knowledge with small businesses owners, members of organizations, and sales and marketing representatives.

 When asking Janet why she thinks it is important to preserve and share history her response was, "I think for me, the best I can say is that looking to the past helps me to see to the future. In knowing real people, real hardships, and their real life stories in overcoming challenges and how they found success in the way they define. It might be financial, but it could be more on a spiritual level or simply to have a home & family and a life well lived. I find humans to be pretty amazing and interesting 'creatures', and I find strength and courage in learning from early pioneers.  I can't imagine not having air conditioning or cars or any of the conveniences of our modern age, and knowing more about how people lived, well, it's pretty amazing how they did what they did."

 "Preserving history is a way to have a strong foundation by which we can value and appreciate current times, plus for me I find it gives me a strong platform to be able to look to the future. We need to know our history so we have an appreciation of what we have now, like the modern conveniences."

Call Logo Social Enterprisers 2-1.jpg To learn more about Janet Schick and her journey through the telemarketing world please visit: https://www.socialenterprisers.biz/about.html.

 The Osceola County Historical Society is pleased to have Social Enterprisers as one of their Business Members and would like to thank Janet for her dedication and hard work.




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